an installation + an artist walkthrough

I wanted to make a general announcement about an installation project that I've created for the lobby of Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church (103 William Howard Taft). It will be up for a couple of months, but in particular I wanted to bring your attention to Sunday March 22, 2009 when I will be doing an artist walkthrough after morning services. This will be an opportunity for the church's congregation to meet me and hear about the ideas behind the work, and also for people from the public to visit the installation. Sunday services are at 11 AM, followed by a social hour afterward at 12:30. The walkthrough will be part of the after service activities. Below, you can read more about the installation. If you have any questions or follow ups, please e-mail me. I would be happy to go into more detail as needed.

A White Hunter
A white hunter is nearly crazy.
an installation by Matt Morris
Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church

Boxes of tissues, snapshot photographs, drawings on tissues in rosé champagne and graphite, and ‘doo-dad’ sculptures make up the installation that ascends the multi-level exhibition space at Mount Auburn. What is included in the installation acts as an elaboration and commentary on the spirit and structure of the space it occupies. This collection of objects deal in abstract ideas about the soul and a quiet sadness that always seems to underpin transcendence. Titled after a poem in Gertrude Stein’s collection Tender Buttons, the exhibition reflects the complicated and contradictory efforts at reaching the heart of a matter.

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