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I was asked by one of the publications I write for to compile a top ten list of the best shows I saw in and around Cincinnati in 2008. By some sweeping fates, these lists didn't get put to use, so I thought as I start building a base of information on this page, I would share them with you, trying to show you as many images of the exhibitions as I can find. I wrote about most of these for City Beat in Cincinnati, so my images and brief notes here can be expounded on in various articles archived HERE.
Almost everything in the post is linked to websites of the artists and gallery venues in which I saw these exhibitions. I borrowed these images from all over the web; I hope no one minds terribly. Obviously, copyright credit goes to the artists whose work is depicted in each image. If someone does mind, by all means let me know, and I'll adjust as needed. 

They are in rough order from which ones have stayed the most memorable in the time since:

Suzanne Silver @ the Weston Gallery

Maria Lassnig @ CAC

By clicking on Meromi's name, you can read the review I wrote about this conceptual, generous exhibition.

Paper Chasers @ Artworks Gallery
"Paper Chasers" was one of a string of impressive exhibitions organized by the fantastic Elaine Lynch during her tenure as gallery coordinator for the muscly organization. Physical, philosophical, and hugely varied, the group exhibition compelled me to keep looking. And keep looking. The motley cast of artists is represented here by a paper sculpture made by Lauren Clay:

Caroline Thomas @
Art Academy of Cincinnati.
Full disclosure = I know Thomas from our years living in Louisiana and I may have personal insight into a longer span of time that allows me to see where this work has grown from. Nonetheless, I am boldly listing her thesis exhibition for her undergraduate degree in painting from the Art Academy as one of my favorite exhibitions of last year because of its bold, racy, mythological, arcane tone and the jewel-like, incredibly desirable paintings that resulted from her insightful, probing, imaginative mind. Her work was actually shown twice- at her thesis exhibition and then a month or so later in the Cincinnati Visual Fringe Festival- both times at AAC.

(this photo was taken by Liz Murray, another recent graduate of the art academy).

Althea Murphy-Price @ the Weston.
This exhibition of sculptures and lithographs generated from clipped, fused, braided, and otherwise sculpted synthetic hair made it on 'best of' lists and was the talk of many circles I make my way through. We were all so impressed by the solidity of the exhibition, and, personally, I revered how Murphy-Price dedicated herself so wholly to a material and really discovered what she was capable of doing with it. (as it happens this wednesday Althea will be returning to the Cincinnati area to give a presentation at the Cincinnati Art Museum entitled "Hair Affair." As I understand it, she will be employing pieces from the collection to discuss the semiotics of hair, an area of sociology that I have a personal interest in as well. It is at 7 pm and is free, to the best of my knowledge.)

The dear Nick Paddock who ran this space is now working with Visionaries & Voices to do more exciting art projects in Cincinnati. His beautiful little gallery is missed. He brought Riley's paintings from Chicago just in time to shake us out of wintry solace with color and a sophistication in manipulating paint media that stunned all who approached them.

We should be so fortunate to look back on 2009 with such a rich set of shows. Not as if we haven't started off strong: I have been amazingly impressed with the Donovan exhibition at CAC, Rebecca Seeman's solo show at the Art Academy, "Almost Certain" a freshly opened 2-person exhibition at Aisle featuring Paige Williams and Jeff Cortland Jones, the Joan Snyders at Carl Solway, the stunning new Prairie Gallery in Northside (and Voss Finn's work in the inaugural show)... lots to love.

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