Bob Irwin and a Freakin' Week.

i'm sorry. i may have broken all of your trust in me from not writing here for a week's time. you are better than that and you deserve more. preparations for Eric's opening, a lot of extra time in the studio and long shifts at work have have demanded my attention. if you haven't yet read my article about stewart goldman's solo exhibition at the Cincinnati Art Museum, read it here.

and if you haven't explored our latest issue of Aeqai, check it out here.

in the not too distant past, in reaction to a series of personal crises, i admitted aloud an almost post-buddhist idea of wishing to cease to exist [corporeally]. i didn't mean this in any tragic, emotional way, as much as i was contemplating the possibility that important ideals that we hold about the psyche could be translated into an invisible presence. since hearing Lawrence Weschler's succinct and totally interesting presentation at the CAC last monday, I would say that few of my influences, artistic or otherwise, have come closer to this than Robert Irwin.

Since the lecture, I've been asked by the Contemporary Arts Center to lead a discussion of Weschler's book of interviews with Irwin. Next Thursday evening (march 19th) from 6-8 pm, member and non-members are invited to come hash through the ideas in this book. Many of the ideas feel much bigger than me, but I am looking forward to navigating some of it with you. More info about it here.

other than that, i had a friend recently ask me about twittering. if that is even the verb form of this even newer medium. it came up as we speculated whether more involved blog entries such as the ones i try to write here are becoming passe already. at the risk of overwhelming you, readers, after a bit of radio silence, i'm opting to give you a list form of recent interests, developments, and concerns:

Francisco Costa's minimal garments for Calvin Klein feel like worthy and relevant counterparts to the bodies that wear them. These aren't the only things in the crashing wave of Fall 2009's Ready-To-Wear lines that I'm engaged in, but they are the ones that keep cropping up in my dreams. Might I also recommend Comme des Garçons (if you want to know what i wish i could wear to work every day, scroll to the end of this collection where things get black and tailored, then layered with small sweaters), Alexander McQueen (these are CRAZY), and Isaac Mizrahi's show he called "Smile." I was disappointed with Viktor & Rolf (but would like to know what you think. maybe peter pans have to grow up?), but pleasantly surprised by Vera Wang's subtlety (she has a new boutique. she showed the collection there).

but more than any of the fashion lines themselves, the coverage of Beth Ditto doing the Paris shows has totally seduced me. Ditto is the freshest mouthpiece for every kind of fringe and exemplifies how the edges can come crashing into the center of attention. As lead singer of the band The Gossip, I actually first learned about her music in Paris at a store called Colette.
she is sculptural, soulish, powerful, bodacious, imitable. Agnes Deyn cites her as a main inspiration, and in turn, Deyn is the muse and inspiration for designers and dressers across the land. go fat girl, go!

a friend went to france. he came back telling me about Mathilde du Sordet, a French sculptor who makes post minimalist installations and in one referenced Harlequin (I've been incorporating traces of the Comedia del Arte into my installations for the past bit). He saw her work at Palais de Tokyo; I love it and at the same time I am jealous.

TONIGHT: the Kronos Quartet and the Books are performing at Memorial Hall as part of Music Now.

! !!!! ! ! !

If you don't yet have tickets for this, you can get them at the door. Doors open at 7 pm.

I will be attending both nights.

Then Friday is "This Season," in which my brother along with other dance students at OSU will present an evening of performances in Columbus. More on that here.

Madonna has the cover of W's March 2009 issue. The photo shoot by Steven Klein called "Blame It on Rio" twangs with smutty narrative, shame, indication, and defiance. In many many of the photographs, the star's face is turned away or hidden behind giant shades. A random nude model enters the scenario for a handful of pages. I think his reference to A-Rod is obvious and intentional. Suspense comes and goes like a hangover. But Madonna just keeps going.

and of course, we should all be outside taking walks and talking about camping.

For those of you not in Cincinnati, you may not have heard of the brutal murder of thirteen year old Esme Kenney. Her body was found on Sunday after she went missing from a jog. As part of my own process of decompression with this horrific news, I've been going through the blog that this young woman kept. You can read it here. She had a zest for life, a consistent love of musical theater and her family, and seems to be all of the good things classmates have said about her and more. I'm left speechless in my environ of aesthetics, looking for contexualizations and points of reference for tragedies and calls for justice.

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