Freakin' Weekend- march 27-29

first, a giant happy birthday to Sister in Second Hand Sequins. everything you see me attending this evening will be tinged with celebrations for her special day.

It's final friday, and several streets of over-the-rhine will be bustling with new exhibitions, parties, and sites for community building + socializing. i suggest you meet us there.

there could be any of the below:

Art Academy of Cincinnati presents their first of this season's senior thesis exhibitions. Horror Vacui features six artists: Anthony Birchfield, Jill Griffith, Kimberly Hart, Meghan Hicks, Aaron Kent and Alex Scherra. I stopped in yesterday to get a handle on what comprises the show.

In the lobby Convergys space, Kimberly Hart has interpreted cartoon creatures into a number of drawing projects. If Tamagotchi grew up in the punk scene and lunched on graffiti, Hart's work would be a logical result. At every turn, the 'cuteness' of the different figures is matched by rough, edgy marks. Installations of dense, maze-like images that have been cut out into complicated cloud shapes that have been floated across the back wall. Beside it, the same drawings have been put across a shower curtain. I'm still considering the implications of those characters being transferred onto a clear shower curtain. There is also a dense field of paintings on panels and other gathered surfaces that remind me of Barry McGee's wall installations.

Meghan Hicks, who is one of the founders of the nearby Creative Gallery on Main Street, has created two installations in the downstairs Chidlaw Gallery. These are dense with an air of decadence and disaster. In one of the two implied rooms, furniture and art supplied have been toppled across the floor, with piles of print outs of softcore porn and 'glam' amateur fashion shoots. The other room (pictured above) is hung densely with mirrors and a hanging fixtures that are both disco ball + chandelier. These rooms reminded me of early Karen Kilimnik installations and some of the tense psychologically charged interiors of Sandy Skoglund.

Anthony Birchfield has packed a collection of drawing projects into Pearlman Gallery alongside Kent's sculptures and Scherra's various painting projects. Birchfield's work was probably the surprise of the show for me. I've been familiar with his earlier work, oftentimes paintings of crowded, surreal scenes that possessed the idiosyncrasy of Bosch. By comparison, these pieces are stark and distilled. The drawings are mounted several inches from the walls. They are hung on, clamped into cases made from what appears to be sheets of plex and metal bolts. They are backlit so that the resulting images are composed of cross-hatched lumpy figures interacting with blocky forms created from the drawings being backlit. These little, abstract figures seem almost like claymation sketches: nondescript blobs with little appendages reaching and lifting. These scenarios are filled with pathos, tension, and tenderness. The number of these works may perhaps overcrowd, but I was very pleased with the simple beauty of the materials Birchfield employed.

AAC is located at 1212 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.
Closing Reception: Final Friday, March 27, 5:00 – 9:00 pm

Speaking of Creative Gallery, you may have heard that Jake Constantine's exhibition A Comma in the Sky has been extended for another month. You can read what i wrote about it here. Creative is at 13 15 Main Street.

Paul Coors notified me this week that he will be presenting new prints at Mark Patsfall's Clay Street Press this evening as part of their "Prints and More Prints" event. Coors' work will be for sale along with Terence Hammonds (who had a very successful exhibition at the Weston Gallery last year; i reviewed it here), along with some heavyweight names like Nam June Paik and Raymond Pettibon. Like the name of the gallery/press suggests, it is on cozy Clay Street at 1312 Clay, just next door to where Publico used to be. Tonight's opening is from 6-11 pm.

Lily Mulberry has announced the next exhibition at her 1305 Gallery on Main Street (1305 is the gallery's address as well). Since I haven't seen this work, I am going to let Lily's eloquent description of the work sell you on stopping by as it has me:

Camille Cier graduated two years ago from "Ecole de Conde" in Lyon, France, although she has been working on the series of photographs featured in this exhibition for four years. Cier started the project as a documentary about her cousin Alma when she was 13 years old. "Qui suis je?" (who am I?) is the question teenagers continually ask themselves on the road to adulthood, and "Chrysalide" is a series that focuses on one girl's tumultuous quest to find an answer.
As the series evolves we see Alma transition from a girl not yet ready to part with her childhood to a young woman with a sense of peace and identity related to her body and her perceptions. The photographs portray Alma as a character in a story we've all played a role in. Her individual struggles and triumphs come across in a third person narrative that lets each viewer see their own face, their own identity, and their own realizations mirrored and transposed. Camille Cier photographed Alma without giving her instructions or directing her actions, they simply "walked in the places we were discovering together, letting her mind go to her girl preoccupation, her world."

But if you want to know where i will be spending most of my evening, it will be with Sandy Eichert at the fundraising party she is hosting in the new Trideca Lofts on Vine Street. This is how i described the event in this week's City Beat:

"A fundraising party to benefit the Know Theatre takes place Friday in one of the new Trideca Lofts located at 13th and Vine streets. Sandy Eichert, the resplendent local arts socialite, is functioning as host for the evening. Suggested donation is $10, but all are encouraged to show support and solidarity in attendance.
The night will be filled with music and performances from some of the Know actors and will coincide with an open house party at Joseph Williams Home, a store on the ground level of the building. Raffle prizes from the theatre, City Cellars, the Taft Museum of Art and more will be at stake.
Stop by anytime between 6 and 11 pm. Guests can enter through the gate on Vine Street or through the home interiors store."

Eichert made this fun-filled flyer to accompany.

and that's only tonight. (^_^)


As Leapin Lizard Gallery redefines itself in our burgeoning economy, the ladies Godfroy, Lizz + Jill, have been focusing more on lively events like costume parties, drag shows, performance art concerts, and this weekend a craft fair called Craft Mafia. Cincinnati and the surrounding area is a hotbed of new, subversive, oftentimes punky crafters, many of whom will be gathered at 726 Main St in the MainStrasse Village in Covington this Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 6. If you've never been to Leapin Lizard, just taking in the eclectic, funky renovated church-cum-gallery is worth a visit.

Tomorrow night at semantics gallery will be the send off event for My Tiger, My Heart, the spectacular solo exhibition of my friend Eric Ruschman. The exhibition closes with Between Aging and Anti-aging, a night of short films and video pieces that Eric will be presenting in conjunction with the exhibition. Longtime sweet tokens like The Red Balloon alongside surprising, lesser known trifles. Per usual, the evening events at semantics will begin at 7 pm, and the artist estimates a running time until about 9:30, at which point, most of us will rush to OTR to wish our beloved Sarah Niblack farewell as she prepares to move across country to Aspen. A going away party will be in full swing at Grammers. You are welcome to bring whatever comfy blankets or pillows you'd like to feel at home in the gallery. We've been promised candy. semantics is at 1107 Harrison Avenue in the sweet hamlet of Brighton, a neighborhood just off Central Parkway before one gets to the Viaduct that heads out to the West Side.

But all of the bells and whistles of the evening aside, this is a memorable, tenderly fun exhibition of paintings and installations that you will kick yourself for missing if you've not yet seen it. If you can't make it to the evening event, remember that semantics has (mostly) regular gallery hours from 12-4 on saturdays.

there are a few more possibilities for the weekend that i'll let you know about if they become a little clearer in my sphere. hope to see you out!

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  1. OH MAN! I didn't even see this - stupid Google Alerts.

    I love you guys, and this was a great weekend, with love and support from fantastic friends like you.

    Miss you! Love you!

    All best.



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