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A couple of local opportunities have come into my sphere lately that offer exciting prospects for all of us. I wanted to share them with you this morning. Aeqai is an art criticism journal I write for, and every month it is getting more and more online visits. The free exposure they are offering through these ad links would be good for anyone with an online presence for their work. So if you have a website, public page on one of the community networks like Facebook, an Etsy shop, or some other place on the web, THIS IS FOR YOU! And while you're there, check out my latest review of the Vogel Collection at the Speed in Louisville.

CS13 is a new gallery/performance venue set to open in Over-the-Rhine. For those of you who miss Murmur, or else missed Murmur and never got to be a part of that rich artistic community in Fairmount, CS13 is its newest incarnation. Their first art exhibition has an open call and a publication being made in conjunction with it. Submit art, writing, or what have you as a sign of solidarity and good faith in new energy happening within our local arts scene.

AEQAI, online journal seeks artist ads for website

Professional artists in the Greater Cincinnati region are invited to submit an image (one only) of their work to be posted indefinitely on the side and bottom of various pages in the main AEQAI journal web site. The specifications are as follows (see image sample to right):

1) an image of an artwork (or a detail) with one of the following dimensions:
px width by 200px height (right hand side area) or 265px width by 165px height (footer area)
JPG or GIF, no larger than 10KB
1b) your name on the lower part of the image
2) a web address (such as the artist's web site) for us to program if it is clicked

Please email the image and link address to editor at 


JUNE 1st 2009 marks the last day that you can submit works for our publication and for our first art show... Both to be made public on June 13th. Below is information about both projects.


Mobilize. Inspire. Create.

CS13 is a new performing arts space located at Sycamore and 13th streets in Over-the-Rhine. Broadly, our goal is to pull a creative community together, to create a forum for thoughts to interact, and to encourage a positive and active lifestyle. 

To this end, we want you to contribute to a publication we are printing, to be released at our June 13th opening. This issue is themed around our first art show which explores and celebrates Cincinnati, offering different perspectives of a familiar place. Here are examples of the kinds of things we are looking for:
- Poetry
- Photocopiable art
- Descriptions of locations in Cincinnati meaningful to you
- Instructions for DIY creative projects 

Submissions are due by June 1st 2009 to contemporaryspace13 at gmail.com or:

1219 Sycamore Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

"Greetings From Cincinnati: Wish You Were Here" 

Cincinnati postcards appear to be limited to images of the 
metropolis’s two skylines—chili and the meeting of city and sky. Let 
us take a moment and celebrate what makes Cincinnati, Cincinnati. 
Show us the vision of this city that you wish to have sent out into 
the rest of the world. 

Create the postcard you would like to see available around the 
Cincinnati area! 

This is an open call gallery show at CS13, a contemporary art space 
opening on the corner of Sycamore and 13th, "Greetings From 
Cincinnati" will showcase postcards made by artists and non artists 
alike. The show will open Saturday, June 13th. 

Submit your 4x6 inch postcard, made on/with mailable materials, 
through the mail or drop it off in the mail slot at 1219 Sycamore. 
All works must be received by Monday June 1st. 

Please consider submitting up to three artworks. 
All original postcards will be sold for 25 dollars a piece and all 
sales go to benefit CS13, a non profit gallery and performance space. 

A selection of postcards will be reproduced with the intention of 
having local businesses in Over-the-Rhine and around Cincinnati sell 
these reproductions. By submitting work you are agreeing to let CS13 reproduce your 
postcard art. No postcards will be returned, unless special arrangements are made 
with and agreed upon by CS13. 

Thank you so much for your interest and support and we sincerely hope 
that you will consider participating in the show! 

If you know anyone who you think may be interested in participating, 
please forward this along! Forward any questions to 
contemporaryspace13 at gmail.com 

All the best, 
contemporaryspace13 at gmail.com 
1219 Sycamore Street 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 

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