freakin' weekend- 1st weekend of june.

tonight is your last chance to see The True Body Project's "Body Language II: Phys Ed" at the YWCA. the weekend rounds up the Fringe Festival in general.

Prairie Gallery opens the new exhibition "Camera Obscura" this evening. Prairie Gallery is located at 4035 Hamilton Avenue in Northside. Reception from 5-9 TONIGHT. In this exhibition, several artists make use of a room-sized camera obscura device to create various contemporary art solutions. Everything leading up to this exhibition has been intriguing and enigmatic. I can't wait to see it.

But the better part of tonight can and should be spent at the Cadillac Ranch in downtown.
the Cadillac Ranch in downtown. The one with the pit fires, the mechnical bull, and the powder blue caddy punctuating the Julian Stanzak op art facade along 6th Street.
that one.
Tonight the atmosphere will be altered by a rush of queer identifying socialites. Here's what Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar organizers have to say:

Get your cowboi/gurl boots out! Find your tight jeans and checkered shirts!
Put on your ass-less chaps! Because the bar soon to be transformed into
QUEER-DANCE-LOVE-FANTASTIC issssss.....(drum roll please)
38 Fountain Square Plaza-- across from the CAC

that's right folks. Our most ambitious bar yet. Call all your
friends. Make
plans to go together (safety in numbers). Cancel all conflicts.
Cadillac Ranch the beauty that IS the Cincinnati Queer Community.

*****What to expect:
1. Tons of cute queers dancing and having
2. A MECHANICAL BULL. (For serious).
3. NO COVER. When you get
look for GQB people on the patio (you can spot them by their purple
They'll either give you a bracelet and let you in for free, or
you can go to the
regular door and say you're with Guerrilla Queer Bar and
they'll give you a
bracelet and let you in for free.
4. Super cheap
drinks. ONE DOLLAR drafts
on the patio and a THREE BUCK vodka and sprite
drink all night.
5. Good
music. Cadillac Ranch is bringing in DJ SPRYTE
from LA for the night.
6. Did
I mention tons of cute, nice, and
interesting queers?

*****Remember! This
GQB is "queer country
western" themed. Dress to impress. We'll be convening on
the patio and then
making our way to the dance floor as the night wears on.
Cadillac Ranch is
expecting a busy night, so get there early so we have a
presence from the
beginning! See you on the dance floor.
♥ CGQBps.

Cadillac Ranch
serves food until 9pm, so if you want to come early and
stick around, I'm
sure they wouldn't mind. :)

I wouldn't expect to see me very costumed. But I'll be enjoying myself.
And again tomorrow.

Things I know are going on:

At Gabriel's Corner, 2 pm, the last performance of "It Might Be Okay" for the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. Fringe shows cost $12.

At 4 pm, get yourself over to the Contemporary Arts Center to hear the newest 44 event that will feature performances by Alex Bayer and the 6/6 Ensemble + Mark Bayer and Karen Wissel. As usual, 44 is a free event (yay for inspiring outings and entertainment at no cost during a recession!)


semantics newest exhibition opens with a reception from 7-10 pm. the gallery, as you should know, is in Brighton at 1107 Harrison Avenue. If you miss the opening, don't sweat it, we have gallery hours from 12-4 every saturday.

This group exhibition, organized by Matt Lynch (of Simparch fame), is entitled "Sticky When Wet," and, according to their press release, "deals with sexuality and issues seen as controversial, taboo and grotesque." Quite a roster too: Eric Schickel, Linda Einfalt, Simparch, Amanda Aton, Regan Brown, Katie Parker, Matt Wiseman, Anthony Wolking, Kyle Penunuri, Sarah Blyth-Stephens, Elizabeth Stimson, Leslie Spears, Nicole Desender, Erin Smith, Mike Davis.

Just down the street is the kickoff exhibition for the new season at Synthetica Gallery. Entitled
"Passage & Stay," features four artists and a musical accompaniment by DJ Lady Blood, which sounds fancy and a little scary. Opening Reception (7-11 pm) open to the public. All other viewings by appointment. www.syngallery.org 2157 Central Avenue Cincinnati Ohio 45214
gallery phone: 513.602.2574

On our way to DANCE_MF at Northside Tavern, I'm hoping to swing by Symbiotic Gallery's newest project. Symbiotic has brought Cincinnati a number of really interesting alternative solutions to a single gallery site, including outdoor installations and performances in parking spaces in Over-the-Rhine or the recent gallery inside a U-Haul parked on Main Street during a final friday. "Modest Utopia," with the subtitle "art and music poised for perfection in the wake of certain distruction" (boy are there a lot of loaded words in that) will be presented at 2541 Cook Street, zip code 45214 (so it has to be close to brighton, right?). Starting at 6 pm for free and then $5 at the door from 8:30 pm onward, an evening of art installations and music. Sounds like a rad time.

Finally, for me one of the most anticipated parts of the first weekend of the month is DANCE_MF put on at Northside Tavern by Projectmill. This monthly dance party transcends anything like it that I've been to in Cincinnati. Gimme more of that big city feeling, please!
They've themed tomorrow night around disguises, but for one fabulous woman's birthday, I will be among a set of people donning jumpsuits for at least part of the night. Like usual, I look forward to shutting that floor down.

see you there(s).

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