freakin' weekend. planning early for the 26th-28th.

with this upcoming weekend comes all kinds of new exhibitions and opportunities to take in. i am only going to concentrate on shows i believe i can make and not over-extend myself, but i hope my enthusiasm is at least contagious. it is always exciting when Over-the-Rhine comes more clearly to life during the summer months. This final friday seems to have a lot of activity all over downtown and the west end.

Rachel Heberling, titiled "Auto-Graph"

I plan on stopping at Aisle first. Their exhibition Rendered Obsolete will feature printmaking by Rachel Heberling and Katherine Rogers. I must admit that I am not overly familiar with either of these artists going into this weekend. But I trust Bill Renschler and Krista Gregory implicitly, and also do I love smart, contemporary printmaking. Heberling's image reminds me mostly of Sigur Ros music videos: elegant, elegiac, and confrontational. So, despite the fairly bleak title, let's hope that this will be a great start to the weekend.

To be honest, I haven't received word from some of the galleries I frequent on Main Street about their next exhibitions. Although 1305 Gallery's exhibition of Mindy Kober's work was set to end this weekend, I didn't notice new things going up as I was out and about in Over-the-Rhine this weekend. Creative Gallery's dense, salon-style jumble of recent work by art students was deinstalled, so I believe we can expect a new exhibition from that crew.

According to their calendar in the first volume of the new venue CS13's zine, they will be having gallery hours during Final Friday to invite a wider audience to see their inaugural exhibition Greetings from Cincinnati. All of the works are available for $25, with full profit to the gallery. An impressive number of artists and friends to the space donated their creativity to this elegantly displayed exhibition. CS13 is at the corner of 13th and Sycamore.

I haven't taken a lot of opportunities to really sink my teeth into the exhibitions that go on at Park + Vine, probably much to my own detriment. This next one I am so looking forward to, although I know next to nothing about it. Leif Fairfield's show I'm Gonna Miss the Sea conjures the Antony and the Johnsons' song "Another World" for me, and the description of the work as "laser-cut seaweed" is something I really want to see in person.

This is what I have to say about the new show EXPOSED opening at ArtWorks Gallery for the imminent issue of CityBeat:

ArtWorks’ annual Secrets fundraiser is a favorite in the city. Every year, artists contribute more than a thousand small postcard-sized artworks for sale to benefit the arts organization. At the time of the fundraiser, there are no names or labels posted, letting buyers guess at whose work they are drawn to. One of the ways that ArtWorks thanks and highlights those who participate is through a jury process that results in the exhibition EXPOSED. Artists who made the top 100 postcard artworks from Secrets are invited to exhibit new work in the ArtWorks Gallery. As the gallery explains in its press release: “Instead of being restricted to the Secret ArtWorks’ paradigm of a 5” X 7” work, artists were encouraged to show the depth and diversity of their production in this fun and eclectic exhibition.” This Friday’s opening will feature local favorites like Carmel Ellen Buckley, Jennifer Grote, Emily Hanako Momohara, Eric Ruschman, Paige Williams, and many, many others. ArtWorks is located at 811 Race St. in downtown. Reception Friday, 6 - 9 p.m.. Gallery hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. –Matt Morris

And then to the Weston. I have heavily anticipated this last set of exhibitions in the year's exhibition cycle. Mostly for Carmel Buckley's work and Thin Air Studio, who have been taking over the upstairs gallery for the past week, creating a soaring web of wood branches that will pass over and around viewers. They have documentation of the install on their website, which is where I got this image:

I am not familiar with Ardine Nelson's work, but look forward to her photographs of green communities in Dresden, Germany.

From there, the evening kindof forks, with two options open for me.

Close to the Weston is the Contemporary Arts Center, which will host its Contemporary Friday with PROJECTMILL. This is the gang that brings us the very excellent DANCE_MF every month at Northside Tavern.
Students - $5.50
Adults - $7.50
CAC Members - free plus drink specials.

-----or-----or maybe both-----

Jimmy Baker, who was one of my professors at the Art Academy and a considerably well known contemporary artist in the city, just e-mailed me this morning with news of a new musical venture he is part of. Read below:

Hello all,
My new band Landscaping is playing its first show this Friday. It is a great line-up.
Landscaping is comprised of Jimmy Baker, Mike Fisher, and Hayes Shanesy. We are working with a mixture of open-ended rock improvisations with electronics and some more structured stoner rock part thrown in.
Think - Wishbone Ash, Electric Wizard, Comets on Fire, Candlemass.


JON MUELLER (from Milwaukee) hyper-focused tectonic weight percussion(releases on Table of the Elements, Crouton, more)
SHIFLET (from Columbus) minute tone examination

TEETH COLLECTION (from Dayton) primitive gravel pit http://www.myspace.com/teethcollection

LANDSCAPIN Gex-Mount Storm / members of Dungeon Thud, Hearts of Darknesses- --- heavy free rock

9pm / $5 / all ages
Art Damage Lodge 4120 Hamilton Ave. 3rd floor Cincinnati, OH 45223

for more details consult- http://www.myspace.com/artdamagelodge

Which is not to mention other exhibitions already up.
BookWorks 10 and the complementary exhibition The Keith Kuhn Memorial Artists' Book Exhibit: More Than Words: The Book as Art has some fantastic works if one is willing to wade through it. Many of the pieces are fairly typical works in this kind of exhibition, with emphasis on handbound elements and dramatic shifts in typography/calligraphy. A few pieces have stuck with me. If I have a chance, I'll get back over to the show and snap a couple of shots and discuss them. These shows are in the Atrium and Cincinnati Room of the Main Public Library downtown. Both are up until September, so you have time to see them.

Sunday the 28th presents a similar conflict. Two music shows that I would like to see, occuring simultaneously, one in Northside- Art Damage- and the other in Newport- Southgate House.

Jane Carver is just great. She is an artist and musician, often finding opportunities to blend the two into some measure of performance art. If one can assume that she has been thoughtfully paired with Julie Doiron, then this should be a sophisticated, stunning performance. $5, starts at 9 pm.

The other performance will be the first of a good friend's relatively new band Rococo Revival Parlor. It should be said though that Nick Hill and his band mates ( Nick Hill: Vocals, Guitar / Brandon Lomax: Bass, Vocals / Ben Sims: Drums ) were all part of the two year run for the band The Love Dealers, so they have come to know one another's approach to their playing and performing. Their show will be at the Southgate House in Newport.
They go on at 9:15 so I am told. Consult the venue about a cover. If I find out about one, I'll try and add an edit letting you all know.

There will certainly be even more than these things. But this is one of those refreshing signs that things are happening in our city.

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