announcing U · turn Art Space

from left to right: Zach Rawe, Tricia Murphy,
Molly Donnermeyer, Eric Ruschman + me (Matt Morris)

U · turn Art Space
2159 Central Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45214
e: u.turn.artspace@gmail.com


U · turn Art Space is the newest addition
to the art district in Brighton, Cincinnati, OH.

U · turn Art Space is a collective-run alternative arts space that was initiated in fall 2009. The U · turn Art Space collective is comprised of five Cincinnati-based artists: Molly Donnermeyer, Matt Morris, Patricia Murphy, Zach Rawe and Eric Ruschman. Each month U · turn delivers fresh, compelling exhibitions of emerging and established artists. The gallery has a special interest in new developments in sculpture and object making, but is excited to represent the contemporary landscape of art as broadly as possible. Our goal is to bring shows into Cincinnati that are relevant; that provide an opportunity for discourse, ideas, and play to be forced together, awkwardly or elegantly, and offer itself to a viewing audience. Along with art exhibitions, U · turn hosts a range of accompanying readings, performances and events that raise probing questions and plural perspectives. U · turn’s efforts are intended for audiences in the surrounding Brighton district, Cincinnati at large and the whole of the Midwest. Opening receptions for exhibitions usually take place on the evening of the first Saturday of every month to coincide with other gallery openings in the area. The gallery will also have regular hours on Saturdays from 12-4 pm. Other viewings are by appointment. Gallery is free and open to the public, with street parking in front of the space and on nearby streets.

It announces its grand opening with its first exhibition Brought To you By, an invitational group exhibition that seeks to thank influential artists who have inspired the gallery’s collective in their creative efforts. Brought To You By features the work of Evan Commander, David Dillon, Tracy Johnson, Katie Labmeier, Elaine Lynch, Annette Monnier, Ellen Nagel, Rebecca Seeman, Suzanne Silver and Lindsey Whittle. The collective of five working artists that runs U · turn wishes to commemorate the beginning of this gallery venture by expressing gratitude and recognition to artists who have had indelible affects on each of their creative practices. As professors, mentors or leaders by example, the artists included have influenced U · turn and inspired collective members to be the artists and gallerists they are today. Individual collective members invited two artists each, resulting in this ten-person exhibition. The title of the exhibition is an Uroboros, a continuous idea that opens back onto itself. While the exhibition is brought to Cincinnati’s public through the efforts of the art space collective, the assertion of the exhibition is that, in many special ways, the exhibiting artists are responsible for inspiring and prompting this gallery into existence. Please come celebrate the opening of Brought To You By and the grand opening of U · turn Art Space on October 3rd!

U · turn is the latest art venture in Brighton, an inner city neighborhood adjacent to the Over-the-Rhine brewery district and the culturally diverse West End. It is neighbored by other arts organizations in the community, including Synthetica Gallery (2157 Central Avenue), semantics gallery (1107 Harrison Avenue) and the Freeman Central Gallery (window space on the corner of Central and Freeman Avenues). U · turn is one of two new efforts in Brighton, with the Brush Factory, a fashion co-op, currently preparing to open several blocks away on Central Avenue. While U · turn functions as a venue for contemporary art, it hopes to demonstrate an interest in the history of its space, a building that dates back to the 1800s. Originally the J. B. Lagemann general store specializing in fine dress goods, mixed paints and feathers; the first floor space has functioned as the Refuge Temple Church, the well-remembered Junior Gallery, and as a personal residence for artists.

For more information, please contact the gallery by e-mail: u.turn.artspace (at) gmail.com


  1. Everyone in the picture looks sad I get the impression that opening the gallery is some kind of task that must be done instead of something you enjoy. Crack a smile, have fun with life.

  2. hi kyle,

    there are so many kyles in cincinnati, it could be almost anyone...

    in the same photo shoot, there were cowboy hats, cracked smiles, laughter and gags.

    i think the determination in this image was part of what we are attracted to.


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