while i haven't been here, i've been

evidently the second half of my 2009 is not as conducive to keeping an updated blog as the beginning of the year. even now, i'm making a note just to see if you're paying attention.

pretty soon, news will be bursting out all over the place.

things that are already public knowledge:

-three of my poems have been chosen to appear in Issue #10 of the Alice Blue Review.

-THIS WEEKEND is the enormous semantics benefit that features an art auction of more than 100 works, a delectable bake sale, a titillating performance from modern dance movement laboratory Pones Inc., tarot reading, Christian Schmit's famous Draw Box, and much much more. Benefit has a suggested donation gate fee of $10 and runs from 7-11 pm on Saturday night. semantics is at 1107 Harrison Avenue.

-to closely follow the (hopeful) success of semantics' fundraiser event, the gallery collective will be releasing a limited run of Art Boxes that will include small artworks from each artist currently involved in the operation of the gallery. i am excited about my contributions to the boxes and will be sharing more about these hot collectible items soon.

-stay tuned for more information about my upcoming exhibition at Aisle Gallery in the West End of Cincinnati that will open November 6, 2009.

-the third and final installment of my series of texts on public sculpture will be appearing in the September issue of Aeqai.

along with these stirring developments, new things are in the works, like

-a new website

-a new gallery venture

-new exhibitions coming up quickly in 2010

-a conference in TX?


so. where were we?

since my last post, i've been to chicago to see the new wing of AIC and the Twombly exhibition that is the first to grace its walls. the latest issue of Art Papers features two of my recent reviews. a couple of months of successful events organized by Guerilla Queer Bar.

this morning started with a span of time looking through Vogue's 2009 September issue.
this morning started out periwinkle.

i'm sorry that i don't have the time or exactly the focus to really dig deep into some ideas on my blog right now. a list will have to suffice. take these items as points in an aggregate composed into a portrait of my late summer:

-Lindsey Whittle back in the states with her fierce fashion sense.
-Its Blitz by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
-Carmel Buckley's exhibition Trace up through the end of this week at the Weston.
-artworks by dennis harrington, adam maloney, and alton frabetti i plan to bid on at the semantics auction.
-The Gossip's Music for Men
-Dana Hamblen's Chicken Lays an Egg- a "fashion gallery" currently in Camp Washington
-Shapiro's Deli in Indianapolis and all the other amazing road food had with Molly and Eric in Indiana and Illinois.
-Iris Book Cafe
-the soon to be Brush Factory- a fashion co-op in Brighton
-a building full of nice new neighbors
-Shearwater- one of the best things out of Texas maybe ever (it's a band).
-the Girl Scout cookie Blizzards at Dairy Queen (thanks to Tammy and Kevin Muente for the heads up about these majestic treats)
-Treasure Aisles (formerly Turtle Creek) flea market. Lousy with costume jewelry.
-Molly Donnermeyer's upcoming solo exhibition at Creative Gallery
-a physical collection of the containers eric and i drink diet coke fountain drinks from
-becoming friends with Benoit Maire on facebook!
-secret preivews of short stories by Christopher Backs
-The Floatation Walls with Jane Carver and Leif Fairfield at CS13, just days before Nathan Hurst's fashion show premiere at CS13.
-little vintage hats with veils
-Sandy Eichert's cocktail parties
-dressing as a haute couture mer-person on a boat on the ohio river.
-planning a year's worth of art shows for two galleries

lemon out,

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