fashion weeks mash up.

so, my pal molly has been more generous with the way she's experienced the fashion weeks in nyc, london, milan, and the start of paris. i have enjoyed following along to see her tastes in these new lines on her blog Sister in Second Hand Sequins. i've been a hoarder, a magpie. and i think this year, my aesthetics were well represented in the lines. i've chosen selections from lines that struck me. above all, so far, Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein has impressed me most. Raf Simons is a designer i trust and appreciate some of the choices he made for Jil Sander, including the defiant blue number that i couldn't stick with anything else. Charles Anastase and Rick Owens are two lines i'm not familiar with before now. both wowed me.

i'm a sucker for architectonic approaches to garments where their planes become very stated and explored. i gravitate towards neutrals in these lines. the other big love of my life are the pillowy, almost bloated rococo throw backs that usually appeal to me most in that dusty pink that any followers of my art will be familiar with. both of these interests could be traced back to and discussed in terms of my art.

i don't know if i like how much i like the new work from nina ricci, but it is running with a new designer at the helm. Peter Copping comes to Nina Ricci from Louis Vuitton where he was Marc Jacobs chief assistant. i trust the young christopher kane to work out his shit as he keeps growing as a designer. we've seen fluorescent spandex, tattered denim, some dominatrix stuff, and now this gingham. he really creates for each season and i have trouble identifying consistent approaches in his designs, but my instincts tell me to keep watching him.

balenciaga, stephen burrows, marc jacobs and some of vivienne westwood's red line all remind me of parts of eric's art.

jil sander design by raf simons.

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