freakin' weekend- october start

life is rushing, swishing around. i have been somewhere all the time lately: party nights with Projectmill at FB, a new... club? in downtown; previews of exhibitions; lots of work on U.turn's grand opening. Our efforts culminate into this weekend and below is everything you need to know for a few consecutive eveings of total engagement, absolute artistry.

CAC- Friday, 7 pm
44 E 6th Street
As I wrote in an earlier post, the Contemporary Arts Center is set to open two new exhibitions to the public. Tonight is the night. Marilyn Minter's Chewing Color and C. Spencer Yeh's Standard Definition share the 2nd floor galleries. The big draw for tonight is an artist talk with Minter herself at the Center at 7 pm. More information at their website. And read in an earlier post about my experience with Minter's exhibition.

AEC - Friday
25 W 7th Street in Covington
I know so little about what will be taking place at the Covington Artisan's Enterprise Center tonight. I ran into ex-pat Daniel O'Connor who has recently moved back to Cincinnati, to our up and coming Brighton district of all things, and he mentioned having work in the exhibition opening tonight. Daniel Brown's name was briefly brought up. He is a fellow writer at Aeqai, with an involved piece of thinking about the state of arts and how it meets public in the brand new edition. You can expect that I will be stopping by AEC sometime between 8 and 9.

my dear lindsey whittle is among the designers tonight.

Leapin Lizard - Friday, doors open at 7, show starts at 9
726 Main Street in Covington
Per my to do pick in this week's citybeat: "Leapin Lizard, the phoenix of an art gallery in Covington, possesses a penchant for presenting elaborate events packed with performers, artists and irresistible party spirit. Their latest invention is Fashion It Forward, a runway project event to benefit NKY Pride. At 9 p.m., fashion designer Nathan Hurst and emcee Mirage Love start off the second floor’s show. The show is filled out with designs from Toby Tyler, Lindsey Whittle, Madison Avenue Bridal, with a “his and his” wedding collection from Skeffington's Formal Wear as a bright finish. And still more: drag queens, silent auctions on jewelry and fashion items, Essencha Tea and a dance party until 1 a.m. Doors open at 7 p.m. "

CGQB - Friday
Unforunately, I think my night is too cluttered to get up to Clifton (big loss). But I will miss being among the Queer Bar Gang. Here is what they announced for tonight's GQB event:
"The time is here! The air is crisp. Scarves (and people) are finding their way out of the closet. Cutie queers are snuggling up all across the Queen City.But most importantly, Cincinnati is on the verge of yet another glorious injection of queer-love-dance-fantastic!That's right...Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar is BACK IN SESSION!!!******For the past 7 months, CGQB has been queering up downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The city will never be the same! Now it's time to start bringing all the splendid shades of queerness to Cincinnati's neighborhoods! University of Cincinnati isn't known as an especially queer friendly institution, so in honor of the beginning of the Fall Quarter, Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar will be venturing to Clifton for a special "Queer Bar is Back In Session" edition!" The bar is Arlin's Bar in Clifton.

U.turn Art Space Saturday, 7-10 pm
2159 Central Avenue

BROUGHT TO YOU BY is finally set to open!

Evan Commander. David Dillon. Tracy Johnson. Katie Labmeier. Elaine Lynch. Annette Monnier. Ellen Nagel. Rebecca Seeman. Suzanne Silver. Lindsey Whittle.

Toasted baguette served with warm Bucheron, fresh figs (pending availability), basil and cucumber spears. Yukon gold potato latkes with creme fraiche and caviar. Smokey cashews. Vodka and chive aspic tartlets with smoked salmon. Roquefort and red pear tea sandwiches. Dates stuffed with pistachio mascarpone. Strawberries drizzled in aged Balsalmic vinegar. Meringues. Rosy apple tarts. Oeufs a la neige.

In other words, it will be totally worth coming by.

semantics - Saturday, 7-10 pm
1107 Harrison Avenue
Paul Coors' exhibition Before I Start Singing is much anticipated by those of us who run the space. Legend for his work on Publico gallery, Coors is a sharp wit with a clean approach to his work that will be represented in this show mostly through editioned screen prints. It should be a super good time.

Synthetica - Saturday 7-11 pm
2157 Central Avenue

This gallery is our neighbor. Just think, if you make it over to Brighton on Saturday night, you can see three new exhibitions with more than 16 artists being exhibited between the three spaces. If there is something I am looking forward to most in the new exhibition in Mason Paul's gallery, it is Stephen Anthony Fulton's encaustic paintings. Fulton is a recent graduate from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and near the end of his time there, he began experimenting heavily with painting in wax. I was disappointed that he exhibited so few of these paintings in his thesis exhibition, opting instead to fill a large area of exhibition space with two projected videos that zoomed in close to melted wax doing its thing across a painting's surface. These were fine, but the paintings are much more interesting. I am proud that Brighton gets to show these off. For many, these will be new works and new visual experiences. Fulton's end products are rather like Northern Lights and other phenomena of plumed color of light caught in darker fields of wax.

Christopher Daniel's sculptures are another treat for the evening. With his ties to the dearly missed Pat Renick, I am glad to see his sculptures in Brighton again (Chris used to help organize exhibitions in the Mockbee building). You can bet that in the waning evening light, I will stand in the doorway of Mason's gallery, look in at Daniel's sculptures and then out at Pat's 30 Module Sphere that marks the entrance to our district.

Mark Gergen is one of the darlings of Synthetica. Exhibited with some frequency, he has developed a product that collages black and white photographs with ornately cut out jigsaw pieces of plex, all bolted together into these sleek, neo-gothic objects. they might get a little repetitive after a certain point, but they are high grade craftsmanship and deliberate.

The exhibition also includes sweetheart Charlotte Conway who has devised a really clever and interesting display method for her jewelry in this exhibition, as well as Richard Eyman, whose work I am not familiar with.

DANCE_MF Dirty Dancing Northside Tavern, around 11 pm
In honor of Swayze, our number one choice for monthly dance-crazy nights of passion is themed around Dirty Dancing. As if there isn't always a hefty dose of that to our night. Come on out. It is a friendly, lively romp in one of the most welcoming bars in town. We'll be toasting the success of the U.turn opening as well!

and ... not that we'll be home ... but SNL with Lady Gaga is on Saturday night as well. will have to find that online pronto after this loopy weekend.

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