drifting in and out

dear readers,

the latter half of 2009 got much busier than I expected. my infrequency in posting anything of substance confirms this. on top of the many different projects i currently have going on, i've decided to increase my efforts in my lifelong work of journalling for myself.

a wise, older friend said recently to me that one of the hardest things for someone like me to do right now is to "know what's happening in your life while it is happening." it got me thinking about how much better i want to look at my own motives, privately, and to record them. in my circle, i'm known to say passing comments like "i believe coming of age during a recession of this magnitude will make us all all stronger as we get older." it has become important to me to actually record some of that experience better, in the hopes that it will profit wisdom and advice for others as i get older and begin to occupy spaces as a role model (and humbly as i do it, too). If I had not read Anne Truitt's memoirs through this year, I would have certainly been at a loss on how to manage so many different opportunities, bills, expectations. Her notes are invaluable and i believe that if i were to take the time, my own could be helpful, at least in a small way.

so i may continue to be present on this blog less. it doesn't mean that i am not lurking about on the Interweb. Also, i hope readers here will continue watching for texts in my other outlets, like City Beat, Sculpture, Aeqai + Art Papers.

i hope everyone's winter seasons are proceeding beautifully!