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lots to do!

almost all of the content in this post is taken from various press releases. I would write with more insight if I could, but many of the artists are new to me. These are some of the things i'll be doing (if i don't make it to all the openings that night, i'll be getting to see the shows sometime next week, you can be sure):

FRIDAY / JAN 22 / 2010

4035 Hamilton Avenue CIncinnati, Ohio 45223
Peiter Griga's solo show ICANNOTREMEMBERALLTHATIHAVEFORGOTTEN which features the results of Peiter's longstanding exploration of human memory in photographs, cast wax objects, video and performance documentary. The objects displayed in the gallery incorporate elements of Peiter's reinterpretation of the ancient mellification ritual described in histories of ancient Babylon. In this ritual, corpses were embalmed with honey, entombed and later used as medicine for the sick. Those who ingested this "medicine" were not only healed but also took on the memories of the deceased. Peiter Griga's exhibit will run through March 6. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4. Prairie follows Peiter Griga's exhibit with solo shows by Phil Spangler in March and Katie Parker in May.

424 Findlay Street 3rd Floor
Cincinnati OH 45214
Hours: M-F 1-4 and Sat by appointment, 241-3403
opening reception Friday Jan 22, 2010 5-8pm
runs thru February 26; Gallery Talk Saturday Feb 6, 1-3 pm
“If Everything Is Possible (we’re all f***ed): Experiments in Humor”
by Andy Marko presents conceptual artwork at the intersection of the personal, the political and the humorous. Digital prints, web-based media, objects, installations and live performance create a gallery space that is a.) a thematically unified installation, b.) an exhibit addressing issues of age appropriate behavior, aging, personal relationships, consumerism and goofiness or c.) a really weird place.
Marko scatters objects across the space challenging the conventions of gallery presentation. Still images are presented sequentially (filmically) or as performance objects. Gag items, prank objects such as an enormous whoopee cushion, a novelty check, talking banana peels and phony doggie doo fill the gallery. Thought and word balloons add a comic element to the exhibit, creating new meanings between the text and the image. This exhibition dances on the third rail of contemporary art practice – humor. Individual performances by Marko and Kirk Mayhew and live clowns at the opening. Cotton candy, fruit punch and hot dogs will be provided.

Studio of Mary Barr Rhodes
424 Findlay Street 2nd Floor
Cincinnati OH 45214
5:00 - 10:00 pm
Mary Barr Rhodes will exhibit a series of sketches, mixed media drawings and paintings exploring the spirit and physicality of wateras consciousness.
Amanda Schrier, performance artist, accompanied by the visual effects of Marc Seimer will express a physical interpretations of the imagery on display.
Performance at 9pm

Carl Solway Gallery
424 Findlay Street, 1st Floor
5:00 - 8:00 pm
Carl Solway presents A New Work by Jay Bolotin: LEAVES FROM A CAST PAPER NOVEL, an exhibition of 33 drawings from an illustrated manuscript, the manuscript itself and an edition of cast paper pieces. This new work is the initial source imagery for THE JACKLEG TESTAMENT: PART TWO, a trilogy. This exhibition marks an association of 35 years between Jay Bolotin and Carl Solway Gallery.

Carl Solway Gallery also presents a selection of black & white photographs by Jerry Uelsmann.He is best known throughout the world as the modern master of the photomontage. His dreamlike composite images are created by printing elements from multiple negatives onto single sheets of paper. His laborious method of hand printing in the darkroom using anywhere from three to ten enlargers, predates the layered imagery of digital photography by decades. His dramatic, surrealistic, style of image- making challenged conventional notions of reality as depicted in photography and was once considered iconoclastic. His body of work is now a part of the classic tradition of photography practiced as an art form.

Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum
1218 Sycamore, OTR
6:00pm - 11:00pm
"Huxy: Modes of Masculinity"
Our intention is to initiate constructive discourse on the controversial subject of maleness. This show examines the roles, stigmas, and stereotypes of what it means to be a man in the 21st century. We engage artists, scholars, and the common person in a creative re-description and re-interpretation of patriarchy, feminism, and postmodern gender construction.
Artist List: Andy Au, Nicki Davis, Matthew Dayler, Ricki Dennis, Michael Everett, Jeremy Flick, Richard Eyman, Richard Groot, Sara Mulhauser, John Mosher, Nick Paparone, Kyle Penunuri, Josh Pfeifer, Matthew Shelton, Jeff Smith, Brad Schwass, Kevin Thayer, Ryan Young, Matt Wiseman, Charlie Woodman
In addition to their works, the opening will include live performances by Bill Brown, Doug Couper, Jake Eisenhower, Mark Harris, Nicolas Perkins, Jason Philips, Reid Radcliffe, and Matt Shelton, as well as a real poker game featuring a group of men who have been playing together for more than 20 years. The poker chips they will be using were specially designed by Ryan Young.

JANUARY 22 – APRIL 10, 2010
Country Club is pleased to announce the opening of the group exhibition, Shapeshifter. Co-organized with Linda Schwartz, this exhibition features seven artists subtly manipulating concrete and abstract resources. These artists elevate mundane materials or employ traditional or simple processes to create objects that speak to a variety of complex issues. Jimmy Baker, Keith Benjamin, Beth Campbell, Stephen Irwin, Tony Luensman, Letitia Quesenberry, Chris Radtke.
Paul Coors: Neon Firs = Biggie's Pot
This exhibition features a selection of editioned works dealing with issues such as protest, consumption and agency. The title of the exhibition rearranges the letters of Coors 2009 exhibition ("Before I Start Singing") with Semantics gallery in Brighton where several of these works originally appeared. All works in the show involve the process of screen printing on paper, distilled into formal and conceptual investigations that challenge traditional approaches to printmaking.


SATURDAY / JAN 23 / 2010

Encore Tenthaus performance
U.turn Art Space
2159 Central Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45214
Performance begins at 8 pm.
In conjunction with the current exhibit, COLONY, U.turn is happy to announce an encore evening by the performance collaborative, Tenthaus. Tenthaus is made up of Abby Cornelius and Wyatt Niehaus. Cornelius is currently a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, while Niehaus is studying in the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program. In their projects, they stage ambient, playful performances that blend music and theatrical shadow play by employing a camping tent as a barrier between the activity and the audience. Working with loop pedals and a mixture of traditional instruments and less clearly defined noises, Tenthaus’ performances are delicate and whispering, like a musical round of ghost stories. Tenthaus has performed around Cincinnati and Columbus, including the Art Damage Lodge in Northside and the historic Arnold’s Bar and Grill in downtown Cincinnati.

The photographic work of Adam Longbonz, as well as the videos and wall collages by Maidens of the Cosmic Body Running will also be on display in the gallery space.

1219 Sycamore Street, OTR
Super Desserts + Busman's Holiday- concert
$5 helps touring bands do big thangs
8 PM sharp
At their core - or, more appropriately, their warm, gooey center - Super Desserts are a pop band, just like any other. But besides those pleasing combinations of chords and melodies, there's nothing conventional about this band. Instruments? They've traded drums and amplification for banjo, sitar and bass clarinet. Packaging? Their CDs come in 7-inch vinyl sleeves stuffed with elaborate handmade liner notes. Performance? They're known to play at living rooms, libraries and sidewalks across Columbus. Song titles? One of them is "The Sorcerer's Wife Admits That the Magic Is Gone from Their Marriage and Files for Divorce."

MUSIC: www.myspace.com/superdesserts
VIDEOS: http://vimeo.com/8006007
and Busman's Holiday (Bloomington, IN)
MUSIC: www.myspace.com/busmansholiday
VIDEO: http://vimeo.com/5120614

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