back to tell you a little bit of what i've been doing.

what?!?!? i'm back on my blog?
sortof, but not really.

i am going to lightly experiment with this being a place that i mostly just update anyone following to things i've have going on or have been up to. for example, by the end of a year, my writing has been published all over, and in 2010, i've written for Citybeat with such frequency that it's easy to miss all that i've share with the world. not to mention a bevy of exhibitions i've either shown in or had my hand in organizing/curating. i may also go back and post links or full texts of articles/essays that have run earlier this year.

i'm going to see if this blog can work as a kind of news room. it may be that i need to explore newer options like twitter or tumblr (that a thing, right?) to make simple, clean updates to my goings on.

but for now, here we are, staring into each other eyes as time passes.

in this week's citybeat, i reviewed the current exhibition at Thunder-Sky, Inc. that features work by Lexington, KY artist Bruce Burris and Cincinnatian Aaron Oliver Wood. click anywhere in this graf and you can go straight to it.

also, i gave a little shout out to Lily Mulberry's stalward annual show that promotes local artists and crafters homemade/handmade/local products as viable (and extra desirable) christmas shopping options. read on here. she won't be getting started at 4 a.m. on Friday like Wal-Mart probably is, but I like that come 9 a.m. on 'black friday,' there Lily will be ready to talk you through some gift ideas, and on hand for some of the loveliest gift wrapping i've ever had on things i give to mom, friends, etc.

other upcoming waiting in the wings:

NEXT FRIDAY I am in the exhibition Chocolat curated by Brian Joiner at Prairie. Reception Friday night starting at 6 pm. My installation involves free desserts, so stop by.

THE FOLLOWING DAY, SATURDAY DECEMBER 4th is the opening for U.turn Art Space's The Mechanics of Joy. Love the artists in this show, and can't wait to share this thoughtful endeavor with you all. Reception 7-10 pm. Located at 2159 Central Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45214

it is cold and sleeting today, and i love it. eric and i walked into work together and will do more walking towards lunch and home.... in about..... now actually.