My 2010 round up for CityBeat and a mini review about Aisle

well, 2010 saw itself out over the weekend. i was on a fire escape in the west end with champagne, Eric, and several good friends. Just before we called that year quits, I wrote about some of my favorite experiences in the galleries in Cincinnati in 2010. It accompanied a review Steve Rosen wrote about the museums in the city. Read it here.

It's a weird thing for me to cover this tier of the art world in Cincinnati. I try to be very conscious of the ethics of how to discuss what I've experienced while avoiding direct commentary on projects I've been involved in. I think in an ideal world, there would be more writers in the city committed to writing about these artists, galleries and shows, and also more space in publications like Citybeat and the Enquirer that could support a larger art conversation. I've written this piece in total humility, and from my own very subjective place in the arts. I was pleased to look back and see how much gruond I covered in a year, and found memorable exhibitions in downtown, OTR, the West End, Northside and Northern Kentucky.

a new little mini write up of Aaron Cowan and Chris Vorhees at Aisle Gallery.

I am currently working on a review of the current exhibition at Country Club in Oakley and on a handful of different fundraising efforts for U.turn Art Space.

I hope everyone has a healthy, joy filled 2011.


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