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this week in CityBeat I plugged the freshly opened For the Birds, an invitational exhibition at NKU's Galleries. I was speaking with an aspiring young curator last Sunday (and I hope that at least some of my subjective experiences were useful to be retooled into strategies), and considered aloud that there may be (at least) two or three loose catagories on how to approach curating an exhibition. A first and most common is to detect a trend, a train of thought running through a number of artists, and bring them together under that heading. A second is to begin with a line of inquiry, and to use the curating experience to either seek answers or modify the questions. A third is working on a solo exhibition. Now these can be especially interesting, because there are still questions driving the exhibitions, but they come from within the work, the artist's practice.

For the Birds is definitely the first type I described. We made it to the opening at the very end (and I might complain that while the press release promised free parking, we were charged b/c some kind of sports event was taking place). When you draw together all kinds of work on the basis of it all containing birds, there is going to be stronger and weaker work. There's a mixture here. There is one sculpture, and while I wasn't interested in the birdcage shaped as a church or the seed mixture shaped into Saint Francis, the actual proximity to small happy/cranky little live birds (finches?) really held all of the other works in place.

I also want to direct readers to Steve Rosen's really spectacular review of Marcia Hafif's exhibition currently on view at U.turn. Marcia's work has been a sublime, stunning, moving experience to work with. We are so pleased that Rosen shared in some of that profundity. Thank you Steve!

I will note that we are not a non-profit, nor do we think we are (the mention of this in the article will only first aggravate critics who have touched on this distinction. We are a not for profit alternative space. U.turn is not a registered 501(c)(3), nor does it plan on becoming one. We are very happy with how things are running.

My big work of this week has been on finalizing all of U.turn's catalogues. Since the beginning of 2010, the gallery has been designing print-to-order catalogues for every exhibition. A full run of these books will be unveiled, with information about how to order them from our online store . We're gearing up for a fundraiser on February 19th at the space starting at 7 pm.

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