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okay, so there was a lapse. in the meantime, U.turn's supporters have generously given us upwards of $1000 to help cover operating costs, and i have been writing, dreaming, spring cleaning and what-have-you.

the largest of these written projects are these: Keith Haring at the CAC. This was a cover story at CityBeat. And a good exhibition.

The other big project I can't show you quite yet. It is the catalogue essay for Carmel Buckley + Joel Fisher's exhibition Nature's Stain, that was at Aisle last fall. The essay, titled "Making Suggestions," considers the two artists as cultural excavators, and how these new works continue and in some ways radically shift both of their practices.

Other small bits of words that have run in CityBeat recently:

Amanda Checco at Park + Vine. This show has ended, but you can still visit the mural she has made in the general store, as well as the much larger outdoor mural at the corner of 12th and Jackson that she supervised last year.

The Weston Art Gallery's new exhibitions. Fibercations by Cynthia Lockhart and Narrative Figuration, a group exhibition curated by Daniel Brown. Among the artists featured in Narrative Figuration is the inimitable Emil Robinson. Along with several paintings, the exhibition contains a few of Emil's pastel works, which I had never seen in person before. They are entirely different experiences than anything else on view.

What comes next for me? well, I am TOO EXCITED that Brighton will be bustling with three great shows this Saturday. At U.turn, we are presenting Pared: Matthew Deleget and Ellen Nagel (click on the title for more info at our blog). At semantics, we are showing a solo project by Suzanne Silver. I have written about Suzanne, curated her into a project previously, and followed her work enthusiastically for several years. Because her work often deals with the abstraction and deconstruction of language, an exhibition at a gallery called semantics is very appropriate. Her exhibition, along with U.turn's and the first of the season's shows at our neighbor Synthetica M Gallery will all open with reception from 7-10 pm, on Saturday April 2nd.

Eric Ruschman and I are collaborating on a project for Thunder-Sky Inc.'s upcoming exhibition 2 + 2 = 5. Exhibition opens on April 29th. More details at their site.

i hope you are enjoying this saturday as much as i am!

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